Hardware Projects

This post is mainly a placeholder, but I wanted to catalogue programs I have designed to work with an Arduino microcontroller and associated hardware add-ons.

In progress:

  • A computer mouse alternative using an analog input joystick and rotary encoder. The sensitivity will be configured for ease of use (a balance of spped and accuracy. Also, the layout of components should be as ergonomic as possible.


  • A musical synthesizer using a ribbon potentiometer as pitch input (like a digital one string violin). I have a 556 timer chip that I am using to produce two square wave sounds, with modifiable pitch offset for a more dynamic sound.


  • Suitcase music station using a raspberry pi computer as the brain, with a midi controller keyboard, hdmi display, and necessary audio output jacks built into the suitcase.



Article by ChrisLeeWoo

SSU student of Computer Science.

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